How to increase your vertical jump with proper notes

how to increase your vertical jump with proper notes

When athletes practice their high vertical jump because they want to be a pro at it, that’s when they often want to know what they’ll need to do to increase their vertical jump. If you could only double your jump height, what a gift to you and your team!

If a player knows how to vertical jump well, then he can easily rack up some impressive baskets. The challenge comes when your opponents also have great vertical jumps. Everyone wants to possess this skill, which is why people work hard in trying to find ways to increase their vertical jump even more.

Just One Can Make a Difference

You can help your team win if even just one of your players knows how to maximize their vertical jump. It is for sure hard and requires additional effort, but once you know it you won’t ever lack the skill.

You can also find some information provided on Jump Manual, which will be beneficial for you to get started on increasing your vertical jump. By increasing your vertical jump, you’ll be more enthusiastic and have more fun while playing. Your team members will see the difference, and you’ll build stronger relationships with each other.

Playing any team sport requires coordination, and you can build that by helping each other learn new things, even if it’s just sitting and discussing new strategies. Planning is required by you and your team before you get started with the sport. When all of you have worked individually to make yourself worthy of playing on the court, then you and your team need to get together and make sure that everyone understands each other.

If the team does not understand each other, winning may be near to impossible, as you won’t be able to signal each other regarding which on-court strategies you need to follow. Take the lead and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Proper Training is Key

You’ll need proper training to get started with the increase in the vertical jump. If you do not have proper instructions or guidance, then you are less likely to achieve your goal. People have benefitted a lot from Jump Manual by getting the right information, with their vertical jump seeing serious improvements.

You need to have enough space to practice this skill, but you can do it without any equipment, so you do not need to worry about that. There is no excuse not to get started with training, since it just requires you to have a little space and your complete attention.

An important point which you need to note is that while doing this, if you feel pain, then you need to stop immediately and consult with your doctor. As this training does require extra effort, there may be some muscular pains, so keep a doctor on call in case someone is not prepared for the increased exertion and ends up feeling the burn a little too much.

To get started with increasing in vertical jump, you’ll need to know the current height so that you can analyze how to get to your desired one. When you are aware of your current jump height, then you can identify the gap which needs to be filled and how much more effort you need to put in to reach it.

You need to keep on tracking your progress on your own because no one else will do it. You are doing all this for yourself, which is why keeping measurements is your responsibility, as well knowing your goal height and how to reach it.

Here is how you can measure the jump:

Get a chalk or a marker. Choose a wall where you can leave a mark – one that won’t cause your the place any damage. Now, step backward and jump, holding the chalk, and leave a mark at the height of your jump. Now step back and see where the mark has been placed. Analyze it – is it at the right place according to your height, or you can do better?

Next, you need to stand against the wall extend your arm towards it. Mark the wall at arm height and then see where you have placed the mark. This will tell you that you stand at this mark and by jumping you will be able to see the difference. If the difference is less, then you need improvement for sure; and if it is far, then you are good to go.

Now stand on a chair or step-ladder and mark on wall where you wish to reach when you jump high. Now you can measure the distance between the top of your existing vertical jump and your target height. Now, you can get started with what you have to do to achieve your goal.

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Important notes about how to increase your vertical jump

Here are some of the important things which you need to consider when you are increasing your vertical jump. Think about them and follow these every day to reach your desired state. Keep in mind always that the more effort you put in, the more you are likely to get out.

Warm up

The most important thing when you are about to get started is the warm up, so you can stretch and prepare your body for the effort. Your body needs to be flexible to do exercises that you will be doing. Warming up can consist of stretches, jumping rope, doing sit-ups, or even just aerobics to get your blood pumping to those muscles.

Don’t rush

Know that you will be passing through several different phases in your vertical jump development, and these will take time. Do not get overwhelmed or think that you cannot do it because of the severity of the exercises but instead take it as a challenge to accomplish them while you are going through the training program.

People do not reach their goal all of a sudden; it requires planning, projection, effort, sweat, and most of all experience which teaches you; the lesson is only yours. No one has the same experience – everyone is different, and can have different approaches. As you move along and learn about it more, you will have a different approach to it according to your personality.

Do not rush to learn all at once. You can never reach the level of a person who has ten years of experience over ten days’ worth of practice. You need to be patient and humble while learning, keeping an eye on the goal which you have to reach for your increase in your vertical jump.

Consistency and Frequency

It is essential for you to be consistent and frequent at performing exercises and practice. If you are planning to be an athlete, then do not engage yourself anywhere else but focus here completely. You need to consider it as a classroom where you have to be present every day without any absence.

The more consistent you are, the better you will get. While it might be tempting to take a day off every other week, thinking that you’ve been working hard and that you’ve earned “a day off,” a successful athlete never stops except when he wins the game. You have to keep a target of doing a certain workout every week without fail.

This will compel you to go to the gym and do the necessary exercises. Make sure to balance your workouts to give different muscle groups time to recover; as long as you do this, you won’t need more than a good night’s sleep to recover.


You can take intervals while you are exercising. It is not written anywhere that you have to kill yourself when you feel exhausted. Once you think that you have worked out for 20 minutes and you need a 5 minute rest, then take the break.

Drink water and keep yourself hydrated, since you’ll need it to continue working out and preparing for the increase in your vertical jump. Have a way to get some quick energy with you, like juice or a granola bar, and get back to work after your little break. You can also set a timer on your phone to measure intervals, if you get lost in the workout and don’t keep track of time very well on your own.

Keep strict records

You have to keep strict records when it comes to your workout routine. You should know how many reps you have done with each exercise, and how many different exercises you do in every session. Remember them and write them down so that you can compare them every week to see your progress – that way you will get to know whether you are reaching near your goal.

If you feel you are falling behind, you can alter your exercise routine to include extra effort to make it happen. Keeping track can also help you avoid rushing, as you can you can keep yourself on the right path by aiming towards the goal with consistency.

Exercises for increasing your vertical jump

Here are a short description of the exercises which will be useful for you to try when you are working hard to increase your vertical jump.

Jump Rope

This has been everyone’s favorite since we were children. Most people find it hard to grasp the rhythm of how fast you need to go when the rope passes over your head and then under your feet. When you hold the rope and then swing it, that helps tone your arm muscles; the jumping part will build up the habit of jumping as high as you can. The more you practice it, you will notice the better you will become at it.

The square

Imagine that there are four dots on the floor in the shape of a square. Now move along by reaching the dots as fast as you can clockwise. Keep the focus on the imaginary dots and start hopping on them. For one repetition, do it three to four times.

It will help you in focusing as well as improving your body movements. Take big steps and imagine that when you are running on the court with the ball, you need to be faster and your steps need to be wide so no one can steal the ball from you.

Squats (Slow)

Squats are hard for many people because they find it hard to bend in half and then rise. However, you’re going to have to do them. Start slowly and keep it slow all the way – when you do squats slowly, that is when the muscle contractions work well. Descend and then rise up repeatedly. If you want, you can hold your arms out straight at the same time.

Little jumps

This is fun to do and easy. You have to bend just like you do in squats and jump forward while in that same position. You will find it funny at first, but it helps to build your balance when you have your knees bent. You won’t stumble even a bit when you practice this more often.

High jumps

Now that you are done with little jumps, consider jumping on a higher level. Stay bent, lift yourself up a little, make a big jump, and then bend again. Do this repeatedly and you will be able to make these jumps more frequently.

It will strengthen your lower back, knees, and ankles. In the beginning, you might feel that your feet are not steady, but the more you do it, the better you will become at them. Consider doing this in a large space where you do not have to move back again and again, but you can just jump several times in a row.

Build Your Passion

Your body needs to be flexible enough when you are ready to be on the court to play the sport. People do not like to see players who are lazy or uninterested in the game. That loses the interest of the viewer as well as defames the entire team by ruining the effort of all the other players who have worked hard for that day.

You need to make sure to keep your passion consistent without getting disturbed by anything. Your focus should be winning and earning respect. You have spent hours for the effort, and now it will be the time to get the payback for it. Perform at your best and look your best by showing that you have applied all that effort and practice on the game court.

While you are playing the game, your team members need to communicate with each other to win the game. The main point of all this is that you won’t be able to speak while you are running here and there to catch the ball, which is why you all need to understand the actions of the opponent and your team members to grasp the idea of strategy and work together towards it.

Spend time with your team members and speak with each other so that you all have common ground. Even if one team member is out of the loop, this needs to be resolved – even one player can make a difference. Everyone needs to prepare to do what needs to get done on the court.

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